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Just a while

It’s ok, I am fine
Just have lost
A little shine
The life is kicking
Left and right
Sometimes I lose
An unfair fight
On my back
For a little while
I watch the stars
Prepare to fly
On fresh damp turf
Leave me to sleep
To build my nerve
Get on my feet
I will be up
Again soon
Running with werewolves
Howling at Moon!


Specks of sunlight float in the air
A promise of spring
Sparkled through the morning
Filling it with a lilac scent of hope
And new beginnings.
The fragile beauty of the world,
Take a deep breath, maybe two,
A little cough, maybe too much.
Creeping shadows swirl around
The horizon of your eye
Bleed their curly cobweb tails into your vision
Before they disperse into black snow
Speckled curtain blurs the world into a nauseous anxiety
When you realize it happened again

Now That I’ve Lost You – Paul Edwards

I have been so busy recently with no time to read. I picked up this book for several reasons.  The subject sounded interesting. It was a collection of short stories (easier to read ‘on the run’) and the collection itself was not too big.
I needed not to worry about this book taking too long to read. After the first few lines I got lost in the world of Paul Edwards’ imagination and everything else ceased to exist. I would reside in deserted graveyards, walk around in gloomy streets hiding from creatures with very dark eyes while my only companion was silver moon.
The words flowing from pages together with associations of colours painted vivid pictures all around me. Characters, with their inner conflict or emotional turmoil, were credible and one could not help feeling scared, lonely or desperate with them.
‘Eleonora’ scared me, leaving me with an unsettling feeling of uneasiness, ending of ‘Cure’ was intriguing and mysterious, while ‘Mine’ evoked feelings of desperation and sadness.
It was the first story, of the same title as the book though that has enthralled me, maybe due to its romantic melancholy. It was a great introduction into the dark world of Paul Edwards’ fantasy.
Don’t take my word for it, read the book!



You’ve looked into my eyes,
Though you said you wouldn’t have
You’ve  been feeling drawn to me,
Though you know you shouldn’t have.
You’ve heard of the Thirst of Vampire,
You know you should be scared,
Though talk of your desire.
You kneel here in front of me,
Bringing me a sacrifice plentiful,
You know I will bite,
And your blood will keep me beautiful…

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