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I am an introverted extrovert with a dark sense of humour and deep fascination with the world of vampires. Victorians and gothic culture are my ultimate passion, though it is not just Count Dracula and his glamorous peers that hold their vampiric allure for me. Throughout the world, myths and old folk-tales about blood-thirsty demons are woven into an intriguing net of vampire genealogy, many describing them as creepy, unsightly creatures of evil and violent nature. It makes a riveting reading.

Reading books is my favourite pastime, and my substantial collection presents an eclectic compilation of horror, fantasy, crime-thriller, and dark romance, with some science-fiction and classic literature thrown in.
I love travel and visiting new places with long and rich history. The old architecture, arts and crafts inspire feelings of awe and admiration for the human ability and skill. My love for gothic period especially transpires into my own creations, be it writing, jewellery-making, or other creative projects.

One more enchantment ought to be mentioned: Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Her character provides never-ending inspiration yet her real existence, embellished by myths and legends, and conspiracy theories, still remains enigma.
I was born in Elizabeth’s homeland (current territory of Slovakia), at the foot of Carpathian mountains, so the vampire tradition is in my blood. My fair skin burns easily and my eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight. Black and purple dominate my style and I prefer the night to a day.
A relaxing evening for me means listening to Mozart’s Requiem by candlelight, with a glass of red wine in hand. Figures..



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